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Navionics Silver, Navionics+, Small charts, Updates, Platinum+ and Garmin charts

Trade in your Navionics+ chart for a Platinum+ chart at half price

Navionics Silver charts are occasionally offered with chart plotters as a starter chart.  They have less detail than Navionics+ charts with limited depth information and no tidal data.  These charts have a value in that they can be part exchanged for Navionics+ charts.  They have no update path to Platinum charts.

Silver charts are not offered for retail sale.

Navionics+ charts
Navionics+ charts are updated daily and each chart has thousands of detailed updates every year.  This detailed navigation chart is the same chart found in Small charts, Navionics Updates charts and Platinum+ charts.
In addition to the navigation chart, Navionics+ charts contain SonarChartTM detailed depth data - downloaded from Navionics.com.  Locally generated depth data can be uploaded to the chart.  Community edits posted on charts by users can also be viewed on many chart plotters.

Navionics Small charts
Contain the same contents and Navionics+ charts but cover smaller geographical areas

Navionics Updates 
Every Navionics chart card (Silver, Navionics+, Navionics Updates) can activate one Updates card

VAT will be removed where despatch is to non EU addresses.

When you receive the card, follow the simple instructions at Navionics.com 
Your Updates card will be activated and you will be able to update it as often as you like for twelve months from the date that the card was activated - your old card will still work and you can keep it as a reserve. 

An Updates card could be the solution for the following:  
  • you have upgraded your plotter and need SD/MSD instead of CF format? 
  • to renew your old expired chart and keep your old chart as a backup
  • to use your old chart to activate an Updates card covering a new sailing area
If you have any problem with the activation process for the new Updates card send both cards to us and we will do it for you.

You can also part exchange your chart old chart for a new one when:
  • you can change your chart area
  • you can activate a card having a different format
Part exchange to upgrade from Navionics+ or Navionics Updates to Platinum, XL to XL3

Navionics Platinum+ charts
Platinum+ charts have the same content as Navionics+ charts and in addition contain:
  • Panoramic photographs of ports
  • 3D display of charts with suitable GPS plotters
  • Satellite overlay
Garmin Charts
Garmin offer g3 and g3 Vision charts and some plotters are supplied with embedded charts.  These can all generally be updated.  In the case of the g3 range, these can often be exchanged for the same or different areas or upgraded from g3 to g3 Vision.  Please email us for a quote including details of the chart you have and chart you would like to upgrade to together with the model number of your plotter.
Please note that Navionics charts are incompatible with Garmin plotters and vice versa although Navionics charting is now appearing on Garmin charts.