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Navionics Updates

Most charts are shipped the day of ordering.

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Update your old charts for less than half the price of a new Navionics+ chart - buy a Navionics Updates chart and keep your old chart in reserve!

Charts  usually shipped the same day

Save over £30 on Navionics+ charts

RRP £229 our price £194.95

Navionics Updates RRP £114.49 our price £98.95

Offer on 28XG AND 46XG

charts have replaced Gold charts and cover similar areas in the same detail as but have the option of downloading SonarChart™ for more depth detail and Community Edits for more local information.
The recommended retail price for Navionics+ standard charts is £229.99 but you will find that we offer them at a special reduced price.  The recommended retail price for Navionics+ small charts is £139.99

Compatibility and mistakes
If you are not sure of the type of chart you require for your plotter you will find a link in the payment section of the interactive catalogue that shows the latest compatibility data from Navionics.  If you still make a mistake, don't worry - try not to register your chart before you are sure that it is the correct format - we will change it for you if you conatct us within a reasonable period after purchasing it.

Navionics Updates charts are pre-loaded with the same areas as Navionics+ charts and are available at around half the price for a new Navionics+ chart.  You can buy and activate a Navionics Updates chart once your original chart has exceeded the original 12 month registration period.

The following charts may be used to activate one Navionics Updates chart each:
  • Navionics Gold
  • Navionics+ (over 12 months old)
  • Navionics Small chart (over 12 months old)
  • Navionics Silver chart
  • Selected competitor charts (these must be charts based on the standard computer card formats such as SD, MSD and CF)
You can change the format and area you require so for example a Gold 28XG CF chart (UK and Ireland) could be used to activate a 46XG SDMSD chart (Western Europe) once used in this way the old chart cannot be used to activate another Navionics Updates chart but will still be used as a backup.

If you wish to change a chart and its not available on our site eg. changing a Platinum chart for a Navionics+ chart please contact us for help.

Navionics Platinum+ charts are based on the same navigation charts in Navionics+ charts but have in addition, photographs of ports, almanac information such as telephone numbers of boat yards and restaurants and a facility for 3D view - the appliction of these features depends on the type of chart plotter used.

The recommened retail price for Platinum+ XL3 charts (roughly equivalent in area to Navionics+ standard charts) is £339.00 while for the smaller area Platinum+ XL charts the recomended retail price is £229.00  Again we are offereing savings on these prices.

Navionics charts are continuously updated and following registration of your chart - which should be within two months of purchase - you may go online and update your chart as often as you like within twelve months.

Woldwide shipping
We ship charts worldwide

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