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AISPlotter FULL version

AISPlotter FULL version

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Enjoy these additional features:


  • German, Italian, French and Dutch language  option

Collision avoidance 

  • Separate AIS ribbon menu - specify AIS target types to be displayed
  • Targets identified as threats - with GPS connected
  • Show only targets that are a threa OR “Threats AND all selected 'target types'"or“Threats AND selected 'target types' within a range
  • Configure conditions when AIS targets become a threat - for both movingand stationary targets.
  • Configure how threats are displayed - including selected target data text size.
  • Set line thickness around AIS targets that are a threat
  • Show targets with red and green light indications.
  • Show on the chart position of your vessel at “Closest Point of Approach” when an AIS target becomes a threat - when GPS attached.
  • Show/sound alarm when an AIS target becomes a threat - when GPS attached

Additional NMEA 0183 port/connections

  • add a GPS to show on the chart the position of your vessel
  • Connect TCPIP based devices - WiFi AIS units, WiFi GPS units etc.
  • Configure/add any NMEA 2000 AIS devices

GPS signal alarm 

  • Alarm on loss of GPS signal
  • Set manual or automatic silencing of alarms

Photo images of vessels

View photo images of AIS target ships and data with passage information when connected to internet

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