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Navionics and Garmin charts

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For help and advice all us on 07710 178995 or email us. 

Navionics and Garmin charts shipped either from our London office or direct from Navimaps Ltd - you can be sure of support from us if needed.

Please note that Garmin charts can only be used in Garmin GPS plotters.

Most charts are shipped the day of ordering.

Navionics Updates   SD/MSD Price £99 and CF £149.50

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Call us on 07710 178995 or email sales@yachtingsoftware.com if you require help with your chart requirements 

For new Navionics charts you can buy a blank Navionics+ SD/MSD card or CF card and download the chart area you require when you are ready to use it.

To update your old card (you can use any card CF/MSD/SD Gold, or Silver that has not previously activated and Updates card) to activate a blank Navionics Updates card and then download the chart area of your choice. 

Keep your old chart to use as a backup.

If you have recently updated your chart plotter PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN ACTIVATE A BLANK MSD CARD WITH A CF CARD 

There are cards from other manufacturers that may be used to activate Navionics Updates cards (Please note that Garmin cards can no longer be used to activate Navionics Updates cards)

Find more details of Navionics+ and Navionics Updates here if required.

Alternatively you can part exchange your old chart by sending it back to us for a new one.

Please note that Garmin charts can no longer be exchanged for Navionics+/Platinum cards or to activate Navionics Updates cards

Use the Compatibility Guide to check your chart plotter for chart compatibility

Navionics+ charts

Navionics+ is the most popular chart with yachtsmen and fishermen all over the world, offering the largest coverage areas along with the absolute best detail. A Navionics+ chart can seamlessly cover an entire continent and yet be able to zoom down to a resolution of 1 meter (3ft), with an abundance of data derived from the best available sources and augmented with Navionics' own surveys and the Community Layer. Features include a clear, easy to use, familiar paper-like display of all detail available from the best nautical charts, plus:
  • Tides & currents
  • Port plans
  • User-selectable safety depth contour
  • Marine services with phone numbers
  • Navigation aids with XPlain
  • Marsh areas

SonarChart™ is an HD bathymetry map featuring extraordinary bottom contour detail, great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and for locating fishing areas at any depth level.

Navionics Platinum charts

Navionics+ charts are not available for Platinum charts

Sonics updates give more detailed depth information - available for Platinum charts

The multi-dimensional marine charts take the navigational experience to a whole new level with 3D view, integrated aerial imagery layer, and port photos. Enjoy perspective well beyond that available from traditional charts, while viewing harbours, marina entrances, and surrounding topography. Consult geo-referenced Coast Pilot as well as coastal points of interest conveniently while underway.
For boaters who don’t venture far beyond their homeport, Platinum+ XL size charts have all the valuable Platinum+ features, but for a smaller area.
Platinum+ charts are eligible for Freshest Data, Community Layer and Sonics updates layer.

Sonar Charts™ is a new high definition bathymetry map layer which reveals incredible sea bed detail not available on existing cartography, created by integrating hydrographic office charts with data from Navionics proprietary surveys and sonar logs provided by Navionics Community users.

Become an explorer: discover marine depths, hidden gorges, and details of mountains, canyons, or submerged structures never before mapped! Navionics Community users record their sonar logs and upload them on navionics.com, where updated charts can be downloaded  within 24 hours!