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Navionics Updates and Navionics+ charts

With Navionics+ you can can update your chart in any way you wish:
  • change your chart format eg. CF to MSD/SD
  • change from Silver to Gold
  • choose your region of chart coverage from the following regions:
    • Asia & Africa
    • Australia and New Zealand
    • Caribbean & South America
    • Europe (now including Denmark)
    • Denmark & Greenland
    • US & Canada
Choose and download Gold charts to your new/update MSD, SD or CF card 
Select an area of coverage within your region and download up to 2GB to your card
Download updates at any time during the following 365 days change the area covered
Delete and add areas as necessary
After twelve months update your card for 50% of the cost of a new chart and continue

Additional benefits:
  • Sonar Charts included
  • Comunity edits included
How it works

Purchase a Navionics Updates CF or SD/MSD card from us
Download and register charts or ask us to preload them to start you off.