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AISPlotter LITE - FREE Download

Get your free AIS viewing program - click here to download the free program

This free viewer comes with a free world chart and is based on PCPlotter
  • A world chart for showing AIS targets 
  • Just plug in your AIS receiver - works with NMEA 0183 or USB connection
  • Works with most receivers including NASA
  • Shows AIS targets on chart
  • Zooms to chart location on receiving first AIS data - no need for GPS
  • Auto text overlap reduction (no overlapping)
  • Displays AIS Class A and B vessels, Search and Rescue helicopters, Base stations, Aids to Navigation and AIS SART’s
  • Select types of AIS targets displayed
  • Configure data displayed for each target (what data, text size, line thickness etc.)
  • Uses FAIR system (Fast AIS Information Recovery) so there is less delay in showing ships' details - vessel name, length, beam etc. Gradually builds up a database of recognised vessels
  • Target list sortable by name, MMSI etc
  • Colour coded AIS targets by vessel type etc - key screen available as an aide memoir
  • measuring tool for bearings and distances
  • Chart grid
  • Chart scale bar
  • Configurable units
  • Upgrade for even more feaures here

Download here

AISPlotter-TechAfloat a.jpg

Download and install AISPLOTTER
Obtain an AIS data stream via USB (a serial to USB adaptor may be required depending on the AIS receiver used).
Click the Yachting Software logo in the top left of the display.
Click 'Configuration'
Select NMEA-1
Assuming the default NMEA baud rates are correct for the receiver (adjust if not) try the suggested COM ports from the drop down box until the correct port has been identifed.