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Miniplex Manuals, Drivers and Firmware




USB driver V2.12.00. This driver supports all MiniPlex USB products.
Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Server 2003/2008 (32 and 64 bit).

Mac OS X

USB driver V2.1/3.0 for OS X 10.6 - 10.11.



MiniPlex-3 V1.14.7

This version has the following fixes and improvements:

  • Full conversion of AIS Class A and B targets from NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 and vice versa.
  • Fixed bugs in conversion of AIS target positions.

MiniPlex-3 V1.14.5

This version has the following fixes and improvements:

  • Severe routing bug fixed.
  • Partial NMEA 2000 AIS support.
  • Fixed erroneous rudder angle from SeaTalk.
  • Conversion bug for magnetic <-> true heading fixed.
  • Improved handling of autopilot control sentences from navigation software.
  • Improved autopilot control from NMEA 2000.
  • Allows remote setting of the NMEA 2000 Device Instance.
  • Fixed filter for NMEA 2000 Water Depth from devices with Device Instance 0.
  • Transmission of NMEA 2000 Heartbeat message.

WARNING: This update resets the multiplexer to its factory settings. To preserve the current configuration, save it in a file first, perform the firmware update and reload the configuration from the file.


MiniPlex-2 V3.33.1 Various conversions are added and bugs are fixed.

WiFi V4.41 This update adds security and WPA2 encryption to the WiFi Access Point. The required MiniPlex firmware V3.31.1 is included in the package.


MPX-Config is the configuration tool used for altering the settings of the MiniPlex multiplexers. From time to time we improve the firmware of the multiplexers and add new options. These options must be supported by MPX-Config. It is therefore important to match the version of MPX-Config to the version of the firmware in the multiplexer. The table below lists the matching combinations.

MPX-Config3 for MiniPlex-3
Version Firmware version


See the Changelog for details about the updates.

2.1.0 1.10.1

Options added to support the new MiniPlex-3 V1.10.0 firmware. This firmware is also included in MPX-Config3 and it will automatically update the firmware when an older version is detected.

2.0.0 1.9.1

This version supports both MiniPlex-3 and MiniPlex-3 N2K models.


MPX-Config2 for MiniPlex-2 and older
Version Firmware version


See the Changelog for details about the updates.

3.72.0 3.33.1

Improves reading the multiplexer configuration with high NMEA traffic. Also fixes a bug in restoring the network settings of the MiniPlex-2E. The required firmware V3.33.1 is included in the program. This can be loaded using menu Tools -> Automatic Update.

2.31BT 2.4.0 - 2.6.3

Special version for the MiniPlex-41BT/42BT V2.4.0 to V2.6.3. These multiplexers have an AIS mode but this is not reported to MPX-Config. This special version of MPX-Config always lists AIS mode in the Mode of Operation selector.