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WIB2D Navtex for PC and Notebook

WIB2D Navtex for PC and Notebook
WIB2D Navtex for PC and Notebook

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490kHz (national language)
518kHz (english)
  • Digital receiver for 490kHz and 518kHz,
  • Internal ferrite rod antenna - no external antenna installation required,
  • Display of  air pressure trends over the past 48 hours,
  • Automatic message decoding,
  • Internal battery (up to 3 days continuous operation) battery charging through USB lead, 12 V DC cable or optional 230 V charger,
  • Case dimensions: 103 x 62 x 26,5mm,
  • The device receives the NAVTEX messages of the coastal radio stations at the same time on 518 kHz (in English) and 490 kHz (national language).

The NAVTEX messages are displayed via WIB2D's LCD or with PC.

NAVTEX messages includes, e.g.:

- Nautical warnings
- Distress at sea
- Weather reports
- Gale warnings


With the help of the internal precision-air-pressure-sensor the air pressure will be stored during a period of max. seven days.

On the display of the device the air pressure of the past 48 hours can be indicated.

Air pressure data is available on the PC over a 7 day period.

In addition to air pressure course the three-hours-air pressure trend is also available.

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